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Building Designs: Restaurants, Churches, Offices, Gymnasiums

Cool and Cobb Engineering Company works closely with our clients to ensure their needs are met. We go the extra mile in making sure each client receives the outcome they are looking for. During the design process, we can provide basic or detailed 3D views of a project.  This gives our customers an idea for space planning and exterior elevation views.

Metal Building Foundation Designs

Metal Buildings are becoming increasingly common these days. These types of buildings can virtually be used for just about any type of commercial building. They can be used for agriculture barns, garages, workshops, warehouses, office buildings, churches, etc. These structures are Designed, Engineered, Manufactured, and Shipped from the Metal Building Manufacturer.  These buildings are ready for erection when delivered to the job site. The last item to address prior to construction is the foundation design.

Cool and Cobb Engineering Company has designed numerous Metal Building Foundations throughout the Central Florida Region. Most of the time, metal building foundations are dependant upon the uplift of the building, due to the wind loads in the region. Basically, the concrete foundation acts like a large anchor to hold the “Kite Like” Metal Building down during a hurricane event.

Septic System Designs

Most Septic Systems are small gravity fed systems that require a Septic Contractor to design and install per the Florida Department of Health.  In some cases, septic systems can become large and complicated. In these cases, Cool and Cobb Engineering has stepped in and designed multiple Bed and Trench Systems that treat thousands of gallons of sewage each day.  We have designed Septic Systems for homes with close to 17,000 SF living space, restaurants, and very large office buildings. We have also assisted in designing septic systems as small as the State Codes allow. Big or small, feel free to contact our office for assistance with your septic system needs.


Fencing designs can vary greatly depending on what you are trying to fence in or out and how decorative and long lasting you want the fence to be. The new Florida Building Code also adds additional complications when the fence must meet all of the required wind loads for the area it will be constructed in. Cool and Cobb Engineering Company is experienced in all types of fence designs. Wind Load Calculations, Foundation Designs and Structural Load Calculations are all a standard part of all fence designs completed. The new fences and back steps at the Max Long Baseball Field were designed by Cool and Cobb Engineering Company.

Structural Engineering

Structural Design of Beams and Columns is an engineering description that a lot of civil engineering companies shy away from. Because of their experience in the Construction Industry and knowledge of Structural Designs, Cool and Cobb Engineering Company has the ability to handle most Structural Engineering Design challenges including Beam and Column Designs. Concrete, Steel, and Wood Designs are a regular part of designs completed by Cool and Cobb Engineering Company.

Permits & Renewal Inspections

Environmental Permits, Special Exemptions, and Zoning Approvals before local boards are items routinely handled by Cool and Cobb Engineering Company. Carl Cool’s over three decades of local government experience has given Cool and Cobb Engineering firm the knowledge, contacts and the experience to get the needed approvals in the most efficient way in local and state government offices. Environmental Permits seem to be needed for almost every project. Working with the Water Management Districts and the State of Florida Department of Environmental Regulation allows Cool and Cobb Engineering Company to not only meet the design requirements of a project, but also get the required Environmental Permits needed. Cool and Cobb Engineering Company has in place a standard inspection program for permitted sites that are required to be re-inspected on a regular schedule.


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