Cool and Cobb Engineering Projects

City of Avon Park Airport
Major Drainage Improvement Project

Cool and Cobb Engineering Company designed and permitted a major drainage improvement system for the Avon Park Airport.  The design included a ten-acre retention pond and a stormwater pumping station.  Cool and Cobb also handled the Construction Management and Supervision of the Project.
The project was completed on-time and under budget.

City of Avon Park
South Delaney Streetscape Project

In an effort to improve the Community and enhance the transportation system of the southside of Avon Park, the City applied for a State Grant for a Streetscape Project.  Cool and Cobb Engineering Company was retained to work with the neighborhood committee and the Grant consultant to develop the Streetscape Project design that would serve both the Community and get scored the maximum number of points on the Grant application.  The Grant was approved and funded.  Once the Grant was secured, Cool and Cobb was retained to Design and Permit the new project.

Highlands County Colony Point Mobile Home Park
Culvert Replacement

When the major drainage structure of the Colony Point Mobile Park washed out, Highlands County called Cool and Cobb Engineering Company to calculate the correct size, get the necessary permits, and design a new replacement structure.  The analysis design and permitting, completed by Cool and Cobb Engineering, was given to Highlands County who had their Road & Bridge crew complete the removal and replacement of the concrete pipes along with mitered end sections.

City of Sebring
Lakeview Drive Culvert

When a large concrete culvert and headwall was settling because of downstream erosion on Lakeview Drive in Sebring, Florida, Cool and Cobb Engineering Company was called in to try and save both the road and the concrete culvert going under the road.  By using Ram Jack Helical Anchors on the outside of the headwall, it and the culvert could be lifted and stabilized so they did not have to be replaced and the road remained undamaged.  The cost savings idea was appreciated by the City and the residents who were not inconvenienced by a detour.

City of Sebring
Max Long Ball Field Dug-Outs and Bleachers

When the Dixie Youth Baseball group needed to build new dug-outs and budgets were tight, they contacted Cool and Cobb Engineering for help.  Cool and Cobb completed the design of the dug-outs and bleachers with a newer, safer, and more efficient design than what the group had planned.  The construction cost savings allowed the group to complete more of the project than what they had planned on.  This project still serves the youth of Highlands County today.

City of Sebring
Newsom Eye Center Site Plant and Utilities

When Dr. Newsom was considering building his new three story Eye Center in Sebring, Florida, he found out he needed a new Site Plan Design as well as a Traffic Study and Utility Extensions to bring City water and sewer services to the site.  Cool and Cobb Engineering Company was retained to work with the City to apply for a State Grant for some of the cost of the required infrastructure for the Project.  The Grant was approved and the Design and Permitting was completed.  Cool and Cobb completed the Construction Management Review and Approval required by the Grant.

City of Sebring
Veterans Beach Boat Ramp and Dredging Project

When Lake Jackson’s water level went down due to lack of rainfall, two problems occurred.  The concrete boat ramps got washed out on both sides of the ramp and the shallow water outside of the boat ramp made it difficult for boats to get into the lake.  Both problems were solved when Cool and Cobb Engineering Company designed and permitted a Dredging Project and Two Aluminum Sheet Pile Systems to protect the sides of the boat ramps.  Both Projects were managed by Cool and Cobb during the Construction Phase and while the lake was low.  Both Projects were completed on time and under budget.

Hammock Road Widening and Drainage Improvements
US 27 to County Road 635

The 2.5-mile narrow sixteen (16) foot entrance road to Highlands Hammock State Park was having problems with edge of pavement break offs and narrow traffic issues.  The major widening and resurfacing design along with major drainage improvements were completed by one of the APAC Team members.  The construction management inspection was also completed by our Team member.

Highlands County C.R. 635
State Road 66 to Hammock Road

Grant Application, Grant Completion Project Design, and Construction Inspection for this four (4) mile widening project were all completed by one of the Cool and Cobb Team members.  The entire design, bid documents, bid processing, bid awarding and construction inspection items were completed by a Team member from Cool and Cobb Engineering Company. The project widened a sixteen (16) foot paved roadway out to a twenty-four (24) foot roadway with paved shoulders.

Highlands County West Josephine Road
End of Pavement to Marguerite Road

The 3.5-mile two lane paved roadway was designed, permitted, and constructed under the supervision of a Cool and Cobb Team member. Tasks included converting a muddy County road to a twenty (20) foot paved, two lane road.  The drainage design included several substantial cross flow structures at the head waters of the Charlie Creek.

Highlands County, Payne Road
West Josephine Road to Williams Road

Payne Road was an unpaved County road which would wash out with every major rain event. A Team member from Cool and Cobb Engineering Company designed, managed construction of and inspected a new road.  As a result, the road and drainage problem was replaced with a new 3.75 mile, twenty (20) foot wide paved road which still serves the public today.

Highlands County, Williams Road
Payne Road to Henscratch Road

This one (1) mile unpaved County Road was designed, construction managed and inspected by a member of the Cool and Cobb Engineering Company to convert the unpaved County road to a twenty (20) foot wide paved County road.  Drainage issues on the road were resolved as a part of the road construction.

Highlands County, Henscratch Road
West Josephine Road to Clark Road

The four (4) mile roadway project was a F.D.O.T. Grant funded road project.  The Grant Application, Project Design, Drainage Design, and Construction Management were supervised by a Team member from Cool and Cobb Engineering Company.  The project replaced a muddy, County road with a paved, two-lane, twenty-four (24) foot road.  This road serves as a north-south rural collection road serving the west side of Highlands County.