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A Drainage System is a necessary part of any new development that includes new sealed areas like buildings, parking lots, or roads.  How much water runs off the site, where it goes and how much treatment it gets are all a part of the Drainage System Design.  Most new Drainage Systems require two or three different Permits.  Each Permit requires its own set of conditions.  Cool and Cobb Engineering Company is at home with the small office and parking lot additions and equally comfortable with much larger Major Drainage Systems Design and Modifications.

Our company works with the Water Management Districts to fulfill their Drainage Design Calculations with the latest versions of the Computer Modeling of each storm event.  We have a corporate goal of having the Permit Application complete and correct on the first submission, which saves the client time and money.


For most of the new developments, Central Water and Sewer Services will be needed.  These services must be an addition to a City System or an entirely new system designed to meet the flow requirements of the project.  Cool and Cobb Engineering Company is currently Pre-Qualified to work for each City in Highlands County and for Highlands County.  We have completed projects in the surrounding Counties of Polk, Hardee, Desoto, Glades, Hendry and Okeechobee.  We feel most comfortable working with Cities and Counties and are experienced in talking the “Government Language”.  We know what a City or County will be looking for in the way of designs and calculations.

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