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Looking to build your dream home or want to add an addition to your existing home?  Cool and Cobb Engineering Company has lots of experience and can guide you through the drafting and design process on residential structures. We have designed 100 sq. ft additions as well as 9,000 sq. ft. custom homes! We can also provide drawings for porches and decks.  Our 3D renderings and 2D drawings will give you a real life look at what the finished product will look like before ever breaking ground.

Aluminum Structures

Central Florida is second home to many Northern Residents. Therefore, Camp Grounds, RV Parks, and Mobile Home Communities are very common in our neighborhoods. Aluminum Structures are all too common within these types of Communities. Cool and Cobb Engineering serves these Communities with a local Engineering Company that can provide Detailed Site Specific Engineering Plans for Aluminum Structures like Carports, Sun Rooms, Screen Enclosures, Pool Enclosures, Sheds, etc. We also provide Aluminum Structure plans for special purposes like baseball dugouts, BBQ Stands, and more.

Foundation Repair of Existing Buildings

Cool and Cobb Engineering Company is a state wide leader in the design of Remedial Foundation Repairs from buildings that needs foundation improvement due to some sort of settlement problem. Typical designs involve the use of a Helical Anchor System that is screwed into the subsurface soils then attached to the building foundation to stabilize the foundation and prevent any further settlement.  In a few cases, the foundation is actually raised to its original position and the load of the building is shifted to the Helical Anchor System. When completed, the new foundation system is stronger and more stable than the original foundation system because of the deeper load carrying capabilities of the Helical Pile Systems.

Home Inspections

Because of their experience in Foundation Designs for existing buildings, Cool and Cobb Engineering Company is often asked to make inspections on existing buildings where there is a question or concern regarding the structural integrity of the building. Regular inspections and written reports are made on buildings in question. The reports give the owner of the building the needed knowledge of the building and the recommended best solution to repair the problem if one exists. If there is no major problem, the building owner is given a report documenting that fact and written suggestions for the ongoing maintenance needs of the building.

Boat Docks

Need a place to keep your boat or sea doo out of the water and weather?  Cool and Cobb Engineering Company can provide detailed construction drawings for any size dock or deck. We have designed docks as small as 100 sq. ft. and as big as 3,600 sq. ft. The bigger docks can become an issue with the Department of Environmental Protection, Water Management Districts, Zoning, and Building Regulations.  We have worked with all these agencies to ensure our clients receive the proper permits.

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