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Site Development Plans

From sites that have only a few Residential Lots to Large Community Designs that have over 1,000 residential units, the Designers at Cool and Cobb Engineering Company are comfortable and most qualified with creating designs that will provide sustainable communities where people will love to live and work.  Sometimes the Local and State Development Review Process can be challenging, but staff at Cool and Cobb Engineering has a lot of experience in this area and knows the process very well.  We can work with these agencies during the review process to get the designs approved in the least amount of time with the least amount of expense to our Clients.

In order to provide the best design for any project or development, experience and imagination have to be combined in equal portions to produce the final product for the Client to consider.  Cool and Cobb Engineering takes on each design opportunity with the enthusiasm and imagination needed to create designs that both the Client and the Designer will be proud of.

Water Management Designs

In one form or another, we have all heard stories about complications land owners have had with local Water Management Districts. In all reality, the Districts are tracing steps toward bettering Florida’s Water Quality for our consumption and the Aquatic Ecosystem. In order to protect our valuable resources, land owners are required by State Law to provide proper treatment systems to remove things like nitrates, chemicals, sediments, and the like from our runoff water. At Cool and Cobb Engineering, we have a very good relationship with Water Management Districts and through the years have successfully designed and permitted cost effective systems that will remove these harmful substances. We have designed and permitted systems that treat as much as several hundred acres to as small as permitting exemptions for very small projects. In addition to Designing and Dermitting Site Plans for new construction, we also provide low cost inspections for existing permitted systems. Water Management Permits are typically required to be inspected by an Engineer every two to five years.

Lift Stations and Force Mains

Many new Site Development Designs require a Sewage Treatment Plan that exceeds the capacity allowed from onsite treatment with a Septic Tank Type Treatment System. Sewer Lift Stations and Force Mains allow the sewage to be pumped into a County or Municipal System. The Lift Stations need to be designed for a long service life and with ease of routine maintenance considerations. Cool and Cobb Engineering Company has designed lift stations in all sizes from small single user units to large City systems. All designs include the pump and pipe sizing along with the level of controls and automation necessary for each lift station. Force Mains that carry the sewage from the lift stations to the main sewer line have to be designed so they operate without interruption or routine maintenance. Cool and Cobb Engineering Company has many years of experience in designing force mains that allow the design to work, while at the same time, be installed with the most efficient and timely manner of construction. Cool and Cobb Engineering Company ensures all designs comply with the required Local and State Regulations to protect all existing utilities in the public road right-of-ways.

Retention Pond Designs

Most new parking lots and commercial developments require the design and construction of a retention pond. Cities, Counties and Water Management Districts each have their own rules about how big the retention ponds need to be. Making sure the retention pond is large enough to accept the storm water runoff from the site is a requirement in order to obtain the necessary permits and not create any flooding of the design site or neighboring properties. Cool and Cobb Engineering Company uses the latest Computer Modeling Programs that are accepted by all governmental agencies to aid in the design of the retention pond size. Some designs require multiple connected ponds to provide the most efficient design for the land owner. Cool and Cobb Engineering Company does not believe that all retention ponds have to look like a typical retention pond. They have worked with Landscape Architects to design all or portions of retention ponds to have the appropriate plants to make the retention ponds attractive while at the same time effective in their application.

Drainage Structures

Drainage Structures are commonly used and designed to control the flow of water. Florida typically has over 50 inches of rainfall each year. Most of this rain comes between the months of June and September. Therefore, Florida has been flooding for thousands of years. These Old Flood Plains have, through the years, been turned into homes, communities, and farm lands. In order to protect these improvements, Engineers use various types of drainage structures to control the water’s natural tendency to flood out these developed lands.

Parking Lots

The design of the Parking Lot portion of a Commercial Site is an important part of the overall site design. The paking lot must be sized to safely handle the parking needs of the proposed development, while at the same time, add to the quality of the finished site. All designs start with the calculation of the number and type of spaces needed, and then move into the actual design configurations.  The design helps provide efficient access to the development and should add many needed features to the outside portion of the site. Utilizing the local and state requirements for number and size of the parking spaces is an empirical part of the designs prepared by Cool and Cobb Engineering Company. Making the design effective and economical is also a requirement of Cool and Cobb Engineering Company.

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