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Pole Barns

Cool and Cobb Engineering Company can provide detailed construction drawings for any size pole barn. We can incorporate horse stalls, tack rooms and storage areas. In some cases, depending on location, we can incorporate living space as well.

Irrigation Designs

Irrigation designs of small and large areas are projects that Cool and Cobb Engineering Company enjoy doing. Basic flow dynamics within pipes are always a part of any irrigation system design. The efficient installation of the spray heads and the ongoing maintenance of the system are also a very important part of the design that should be incorporated into the original design ideas. When Cool and Cobb Engineering Company takes on the challenge for an irrigation system, they expect to address all the issues regarding the design in order to provide the best and most efficient design available to the client.

Agricultural Drainage

Florida typically has over 50 inches of rainfall each year. Most of this rain comes between the months of June and September. This makes our tropical climate home to things like citrus, watermelons, strawberries, tomatoes, squash, cattle, and much more. In order to protect these farmlands, engineers use various types of drainage ditches and structures to control the water’s natural tendency to flood out these agricultural lands. In addition to designing the Drainage Systems for flooding, Water Management requires farmers to protect Natural Resources. Farmers have to spray and fertilize their crops in order to have a stable product. These concentrated chemicals and fertilizers tend to contaminate the local bodies of water. Therefore, a properly designed drainage system is crucial in producing crops and maintaining a clean Aquatic Ecosystem. Cool and Cobb Engineering is able to provide these services.

Workshop and Public Hearings

A Workshop is an informal meeting where ideas and information is exchanged. A Public Hearing is a much more formal meeting where official statements are placed into the public record of the agency conducting the public hearing. Attending Workshops and Public Hearings representing a client’s interest at the meeting is a skill that the partners of Cool and Cobb Engineering Company have learned with over forty years of experience working in the public arena. Knowing how to present an idea at the public meeting and getting the idea approved is a skill that can only be perfected through years of practice in public meetings. Cool and Cobb Engineering Company regularly represent client’s interest at Workshops and Public Hearings.

Machinery Hoist

Loading and unloading of products require some innovative design ideas to make the most effective use of storage buildings. Using their structural design capabilities and their understanding of machinery requirements, Cool and Cobb Engineering Company have completed numerous designs for machinery hoist and conveyor systems. In each design, a thorough understanding of the loading and design of the machinery involved is required. Cool and Cobb Engineering Company works with each client to make sure the requirements are understood to ensure a successful design that will do the job and provide the most cost effective solution for the needed system.

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