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Cool and Cobb Engineering is not limited to certain types of projects.  We provide “Site Specific Engineering” from time to time.  Things like Signs, Sheet Piles, Structural Engineering, Box Culverts, Small Bridges, etc.  Whatever your engineering need, don’t hesitate to call our office.  If we can’t help you, we can usually lead you in the right direction to someone who can.

Sign Design

Because of the new Building Codes, the design of signs require detailed Wind Load Calculations and Designs that will allow the sign to withstand hurricane force winds from any angle. Cool and Cobb Engineering Company has the design capabilities to efficiently design the sign and foundation needed to meet the required loads, but not over design the sign or foundation structure. Our firm has designed numerous signs that meet the above noted criterion.

Small Bridges

Various small bridges with a span distance of up to 100 feet are Engineering Designs that are common to Cool and Cobb Engineering Company. Large concrete box culverts for a State Park, concrete pre-stress double tee spans on public roads and post tensioning, multi-span bridges on public roads are successful projects completed by the engineers at Cool and Cobb Engineering Company. Wooden bridge designs and Inspections are projects the Cool and Cobb team has had years of experience with.

Sheet Pile Designs

Utilizing the latest Sheet Pile Design Software Technology, the design team at Cool and Cobb Engineering Company is ready to assist their clients with small to very large Sheet Pile Designs. By using the exact required sheet size and length to carry the required loads with the necessary safety factors, the designs will be safe, but also efficient because the sheet pile section required will be used, but not one that is over designed and overly costly to the client. Wave load Calculations as well as Hydrostatic Load Calculations are all a part of the standard designs provided by Cool and Cobb Engineering Company.

Design submissions for permitting agencies are standard procedures which are a part of almost every sheet pile design. Cool and Cobb Engineering Company has earned a very good reputation with all of the permitting agencies they do business with which helps in getting the necessary approvals for our client’s project.


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